What Are the Keys to Finding Focus in Your Life?

Focus.  Knowing where you're going and sticking to it.

I've been thinking about focus recently.  My kids are great at starting projects and then losing focus and not completing them.  They leave halfway built lego creations, coloring pages partly filled and rooms half cleaned.  It is hard for kids to focus when they have so many interests and so many things that grab their attention.

With children it is understandable, but issues with focus can carry forward into adulthood.  Adults who start and stop projects, careers, goals, and behaviors.  I was talking with a guy at work yesterday who told me how he used to happily attend church regularly, but has since stopped going and can't get back into it.  He's lost his focus.  The passion that was once there is gone.

My pastor shared yesterday about his father's focus on being a provisonary for the family.  He shared how his dad worked construction for thirty years, without complaining, so that he could provide for his kids.  My dad was the same.  He has driven a semi-truck for forty years.  He gave his kids so many blessings because of his focus and passion and stick-to-it-ness.

I'm wondering, where that kind of focus comes from?  And what do you do if you can't find something  you're passionate about?  How do you avoid a decade of trudging when you're not sure what would leave you soaring?  Please share your thoughts.