Anatomy/Names of the Perfect CEO

Interesting post on some of the most common traits among global CEOs. Statistics seem to indicate that things like height, name, and facial size play a role in the success people have.

This post has a list of the most common CEO names.
Here, according to LinkedIn, are the top names for CEOs, both globally and in the U.S  [See:Top 10 Names for Other Professions]: 
Top 10 Global Male CEO Names1. Peter
2. Bob
3. Jack
4. Bruce
5. Fred
6. Bill
7. Ron
8. Christian
9. Alexander
10. Don

Top 10 Global Female CEO Names1. Deborah
2. Sally
3. Debra
4. Cynthia
5. Carolyn
6. Pamela
7. Ann
8. Cheryl
9. Linda
10. Janet 
While male CEOs tended toward the more casual monikers, female CEOs showed the opposite trend. 
"Interestingly enough, female CEOs appear to prefer to use their full names and not nicknames, which could signify that they want to be taken more seriously and want co-workers to think of them in a more professional light," Nuessel said.