Canvas Church Supports Culver's, Culver's Supports Canvas Church

Reposted from The City - Canvas Church:
Many of you visit culvers here in Northfield on a normal basis. My family is usually there every sunday after church, and are so excited about the event that the owners Steve and Jim Wernimont are hosting! As pastors kids, they are wanting to build community with local churches and their members. So, here is their offer! 
1) bring in your weekly bulletin (guest guide) anytime to recieve 1$off any chicken dinner. (even if you order more than one is my understanding)
2) The church who’s members bring in the most bulletins by 10pm on August 19th will recieve a free culvers ice cream social at the church!
3) additionally 1$ for every bulliten will go to the winning church toward a mission project of their choice!! 
Progress is being posted at culvers, so be sure to keep your eye on it! LETS REPRESENT CANVAS GUYS!!!! 
Remember this is only good at NORTHFIELD location.
Hopefully you all like chicken!! :)
See you at CULVERS!