The Connection Between July 4th Party Food and Spiritual Gifts

A few days ago my wife spent almost the entire day preparing food for our July 4 party.  I couldn't wait to eat all the amazing dishes she created!  I am blessed to be married to a woman who is an amazing cook.  I guess that makes me double blessed, because my mother is an excellent cook as well.  Maybe all that good food explains a little something about my waist line.

What is cool about the whole thing is that making all the food and hosting a gathering isn't draining to Stephanie because she is operating out of her physical and spiritual gift mix.  Sharing with others is at the heart of her personality.  Stephanie is a hostess, an extrovert, a generous giver, and a person who delights in others delight.  She will get great joy in seeing the great joy I have enjoying a plateful of her treats!

When people operate out of their unique personalities and gift mix life has a completely different feel to it.  It is life giving, not life draining.  You feel a sense of purpose and focus.  You don't have to drag yourself to act.

Hospitality is not my strongest gift.  I don't act like a troll and sit under the deck when people are over, but it takes much more intentional effort for me to engage with the group than it does my wife.  Conversely, I can sit and write this post in an enjoyable fashion that Stephanie absolutely cannot understand.  It's all about personality and gift mix.

It is always good to remember that God forms each person by His own design, and that the personality and gifts of others are to be admired but not envied.  Each person should strive to be the very best version of themselves that they can be.