Making Memories - June 2012

- Hyland Park Reserve playground, picnic, and rowboat w/ Papa and Nana Balvin
- Stephanie painting the front room and entryway hallway
- Destination Burger - shooting guns, eating burgers, and looking at horses
- Going to the park with the water cannons in Apple Valley
- Graduation parties galore
- Dinner with our friends the Monaghan's
- Swimming at the Northfield Pool
- Baseball games
- Jacob graduated from Eels, the highest level of swimming lessons he could attain
- My Mom getting a new job
- Being selected to open the brand new Walmart store in Lakeville
- All the kids starting soccer
- Izzy getting her ears pierced
- Meeting our friends the Faber's at the MN Zoo
- Going to Madagascar 3
- Dundas Dukes game with our friends the Kraby's
- Seeing a calf being born at Mary's grad party
- Swimming at Giarmo's going away party
- Isabelle doing art lessons at the Northfield Arts Guild
- Isabelle dress shopping and lunch with Nana Barb
- Jacob had Northfield Raider football camp
- Andrew had Nature Camp at the River Bend Nature Center

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