10 Tips for Becoming More Charismatic

My brother Jeff is a successful young leader in the retail management industry.  He is also a passionate student of leadership who is always looking to further develop his ability to lead and influence others.  Oftentimes, when he comes across helpful resources or links he passes them on to me.
Incidentally, this behavior - sharing information with others that you think would be interested in it - is, itself, a wonderful, often over-looked leadership behavior.
Jeff emailed me this link: 10 Behaviors for Becoming More Charismatic.

Below are the 10 habits of remarkably charismatic people (click on the link above to learn more about each habit).
1. They listen way more than they talk. 
2. They don't practice selective hearing. 
3. They put their stuff away. 
4. They give before they receive--and often they never receive. 
5. They don't act self-important… 
6. …Because they realize other people are more important. 
7. They shine the spotlight on others. 
8. They choose their words. 
9. They don't discuss the failings of others... 
10. ...But they readily admit their failings.
Which of these 10 tips is hardest for you?  Anything on the list surprise you?  Any behaviors that you think have been omitted or missed?