2012 Post Election Thoughts

Yesterday Barak Obama won a second term as the President of the United States of America.  He was not the person I voted for.  In fact, almost none of the people or issues I voting in favor of yesterday were successful.  I woke up somewhat disappointed about that.  But all day long I've been thinking about it.  My feelings now are different than earlier today.  Sure I would have liked my candidate to win.  I share an ideology with them.  Many, though not all, of the issues my candidates support are things that make sense to me and matter to me.  However, I'm resting tonight and finding peace in a couple things.

1.  No political party or candidate is my Savior, or the Savior of this country.  Simply put, all men are flawed, and all elected officials will do things that are flawed.  Jesus Christ will not.  As a Christian I am held by God's Word in Scripture to believe that there is a Kingdom not seen on this earth, but a Kingdom that surpasses and is superior to this world's kingdoms in every way.  My King Jesus will never be thwarted, defeated, or over-ruled.

2.  I believe that President Obama will put things in motion that will be bad for our country.  I believe that our society will continue to drift further and further from the God of the Bible, and that we will pay the price for this in many, many ways.  However I am not afraid or surprised by this.  The Bible is so clear about many of these things.  Nations will leave God.  People will follow their own desires.  Many churches will leave Scripture truth and authority for the way of nice feelings and the god of tolerance of all personal pleasure pursuits.  Christians shouldn't be shocked.  What we should be doing is praying, reading God's Word, helping our neighbor, and engaging our society in a positive way.

3.  In four years there will be another election and a new chance to evaluate our country and make decisions about changes that are necessary for the future.