I'm Not Always the Main Character

This morning, when I was picking up a prescription at the local pharmacy, I had a longer than expected wait because the pharmacist couldn't find my bag.  As I was standing there I was trying not to get frustrated and I started thinking that maybe God had some lesson to teach me.  So I waited.  Then a lady walked up behind me and the time it took her to get her prescription was delayed because all the employees were looking for my bag.  I thought at that point that maybe the delay wasn't about God teaching me a lesson, and instead maybe the lady behind me had something to learn in the situation.  Then I thought about how awkward it must be for the pharmacist to know he has people waiting and to feel like he's unable to serve them.  Maybe God's hand in the delay was for the pharmacist?  Or maybe it was for all of us?

The point is this.  God is sovereign.  He is in control of all things.  We humans don't usually have any clue about the role we're playing in God's design and in his plan for us, and others.  Our tendency is to try and apply every single thing that happens to us to our own lives, as if we're the only person in the world God is trying to work in.  The truth is likely that we're far from understanding the breadth and width of God's amazingly loving work in the world, and we'd be much better served to worship God through the sun and the rain of life instead of questioning every single detail.