Lessons About Character from a Tree Felling

I believe the Lord gave me a thought today as I was clearing branches of the trees my dad cut down in my yard.

Here's the background story...

The trees we cut down were two large trees that have been growing in the yard since the house was built in 1997.  The trees were tall and the trunks were thick.  My dad brought his chain saw over and in less than 5 minutes he had sawed through the trunks of the trees and they had fallen to the ground.  After the trees fell we spent thirty minutes cleaning up all the debris from the yard.  We put all the branches in a huge pile in the back yard and now I'll have to pay someone to come haul them away.

So, in short - 15 years to grow, 5 minutes to cut down, 30 minutes to clean up, and a bunch of money to complete the job.

Here's the thought I believe God gave me to share...

Think about your character.  Character isn't built over night; it takes a long time to develop good character.  It takes many years, many choices, many challenges, and much faithfulness.  Like those trees growing tall and the trunks growing wide, character is built over time.

However, just like the trees, character can come crashing down quick.  One wrong choice, one wrong web click, one dip of the toe in the sin pool.  Of course there is grace and forgiveness, but if a person is not careful, all the time they spent building their character can be wiped away fast.

When someone's character comes crashing down, there is usually all kinds of debris left to be cleaned up.  After we cut the trees down there were branches and pine needles and stumps left in the yard that needed to be picked up.  Having your character come crashing down is exactly like that.  There is a mess all over the place that needs to be cleaned up.

BUT....here is the hope.

When Jesus comes into your life he can begin to rebuild your character.  Like a seed being planted in the ground where the old trees where, Jesus comes into your life and begins to rebuild your character.  It will take time, water and effort, but a new tree will begin to grow.  So, if you have had your character come down, don't be dismayed or discouraged, because with Christ you can begin to rebuild your character into something that is bigger and stronger than what was there before.