Passing the Baton of Faith

Loved the theme of the message yesterday at CANVAS Church by my pastor Jon Hohm.  He challenged the traditional thought that 'life is not a sprint, its a marathon' with the image of life being more like a relay race.  He had a baton on stage and referencing Hebrews 12, he explained that everyone has a lap to run in the race.  Your life is your lap.  Run it well.  Do your best.  But remember, its a lap, not the whole race.  Someone else ran a lap before you and they passed the baton of faith to you.  You then, when you complete your lap, need to pass the baton on to someone after you.

Jon said,
DISCIPLESHIP = Having someone who is passing the baton to you + You passing the baton to someone else
 Then he explained that to run your lap well you have to,

1.  Have a passion for God yourself
2.  Live out of that passion
3.  Intentionally invest in passing it on to those after you

The relay metaphor and the baton prop were an excellent way of communicating what I thought was a great idea about living out our faith, and having our faith out live us.