Don't Let One Conversation Ruin Your Day

Have you ever had your entire day wrecked by one conversation?

It is amazing how much power we give other people over our lives.  Today I had a pretty serious conversation at work with someone.  I didn't feel supported and I walked away from the conversation pretty frustrated and upset.  As I drove away in my car I could feel all kinds of anger and discouragement building up in my spirit as I stewed on the words that were exchanged.  Then something amazing happened.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "You don't have to let this one conversation ruin your day."  That encouragement from the Holy Spirit began to push away the feelings of darkness like a light on a dimmer switch lights up a dark room.  Slowly, and steadily, the angry feelings went away as I began to dwell, not on what made me mad, but on what God was saying to me.

Maybe you're having a bad day as you read this.  Let me encourage you to put your mind on Jesus and take it off the problem you're having.  Fight for your joy today.  I'm so grateful that God didn't let me sit and stew today.  Don't let one conversation control how you feel and how you react the rest of the day.  You'll be amazed how you are transformed from the inside out as you transfix your heart on Christ.  Trust me.