Quench Your Thirst by Drinking the Right Kind of Water

I started reading Creature of the Word today.  I'm loving it.  Came across a few insights regarding worship that I wanted to share.

In the first chapter of the book the authors take a look at the encounter in John 4 between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well.  In the passage the woman offers to draw Jesus a drink of water from the well and Jesus replies that if the woman understood the well from which Jesus draws that she would be asking him to draw her a drink instead (v.10).  Jesus tells the woman that she is drawing water from the wrong well.

The point: in our lives we often are guilty of drawing water from the wrong well.  Instead of drawing life from Christ we look for life in lesser things.

There are three wells identified in the book as the wrong wells which we attempt to draw our life from.

1.  The well of money and comfort.
2.  The well of sex and relationships.
3.  The well of respect and success.

All three of these wells fail to give us what we are looking for.  None of them have the ability to sustain us and give us life.  They are all vain pursuits that will leave us perpetually thirsty for more.  Only in Christ can we find the thirst quenching water of life.

What well are you most tempted to draw from?  What steps are you taking to draw from the well of life in Christ?