Press on Oh Christian, Compromise Not!

Photo from this blog
Oh Christian, what do you do, when thing aren't going smooth around you?
What do you do, how do you react, when you feel you're life is under attack?
You quickly have to make a choice, who it is behind the voice.
One voice is soft and tells what's right, the other voice speaks coarsely for the night.
The task of discernment can tough, but hearing God's voice is possible enough.
If you are committed to the Word, the Heavenly voice can be clearly heard.
But you must choose each and every day, to follow Him along your way.
You'll have screw-ups and some mistakes, but returning to grace is all it takes.
So be courageous and very bold, know lies from the enemy will be told.
He tries to soften your conscious everyday, by contorting all you do and say.
To make you feel like you're who's bad, when your resound faith makes sinners sad.
Don't stop, don't quit, not one small bit, or your crown of righteousness may not fit.
Know your standing, God's adopted Son, far from this world's system you have come.
Don't fret or scare or be alarmed, clothed in Christ Jesus you won't be harmed.
Live for God each and everyday, and let nothing else get in the way.
Bring Him glory, which is the goal, until the bell of life shall toll.
Then you'll be forever home with him, and the light of heaven will never dim.