Avoiding the Dog's Land Mines

Minnesota winters are never predictable.  It went from freezing cold temps (2 degrees) on Monday to moderately warm temps (31) today.  I'm not complaining about the warmer weather.  However, I don't like how wet and muddy everything becomes when we have these temporary warm-ups.

The other problem I discovered is that when it warms up and all the snow melts in the backyard all the land mines deposited there by my dog are exposed.  I know this is pretty disgusting but hang with me because I realized something while I was outside picking them up.  Actually I realized two things.

First, having a dog is disgusting.  This I already knew but it was reaffirmed today.

Secondly, there is a spiritual lesson to be learned in all this nastiness.

Our dog Manny was outside with me while I was cleaning up his dirty work and it was fascinating to watch him watch through the danger zone.  He deliberating picked his way through the muck without ever stepping on one of his piles.  He kept his paws clean but he didn't look like he was having a good time roaming free.  Rather, his head was down and he was focused on little steps instead of enjoying the bigger picture.

The whole thing made me think about Christians.  Sometimes we get stuck with our heads down, uber-focused on avoiding little sin land mines in our lives.  When this happens we can miss out on the great big life that God has for us.  Definitely we don't want to go around in sin.  That's not what I'm saying at all.  My bigger concern is mindset that we've somehow 'made it' and pleased God by not sinning.

One aspect of the Christian life to think about is not keeping your paws out of the poop, but rather, being so focused on pleasing God that we have relatively little yuck around us in the first place.