Book Review: The Table of Influence

I recently read the ebook Table of Influence: What Successful People Know that You Should Too by my friend Jason Young.

I first met Jason at the STORY conference in Chicago a few years ago.  He and I were responsible for leading the resource sales at the conference. As soon as we met I found Jason to be one of the most energetic, friendly and funny guys I've ever met.  I later learned that he is also very sharp, smart and genuine.  We ended up rooming together and I had a blast all weekend.

In Table of Influence Jason draws on the mentoring and business relationships in his life to pull out some fantastic principles regarding building a personal 'table' of mentors and advisors.  Jason suggests different types of leaders to learn from, advises on how to make your interactions with those leaders worthwhile, and suggests some ideas to make your follow-up meaningful.

I read the book in under 30 minutes.  Here's some key takeaways:

- Surrounding yourself with the right voices will inevitably lead to making better decisions.
- We must get to the point where we recognize the need for input from others.
- Make a list of successful people you know and see if any of them is interested in lunch or coffee.
- The best influencers are those who recognize how they have been influenced themselves.
- Consider writing a personal note of thanks to each of the people who have significantly spoken into your life at various moments.  Be specific in your note about how they helped you.
- If you know what you're looking for, you stand a better chance of finding it.
- Nothing will frustrate those at the table more than the belief that their time was wasted.