Leaders You Want At Your Table of Influence

My friend Jason Young has a great book called The Table of Influence.  He recently shared some ideas from the book in an article he wrote for Q: Ideas for the Common Good.

In the article Jason talks about the different kinds of leaders you want 'at your table' to pour into you and develop you.  I've copied the list of leaders below, but make sure you read the whole article for context and deeper explanation and application points.

Leaders who are interested in your well-being.
Leaders who are trustworthy.
Leaders who have an area of expertise.
Leaders who ask hard questions.
Leaders who keep you on track toward your goals.
Leaders who may not be as popular or recognizable.
Leaders who help you cross from the unknown to the known.
Leaders who provide accountability.
Leaders who help you grow into exceptional standards of character.
Leaders who are willing to help you seasonally.