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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Years Tweets

I came across a couple of insightful tweets recently regarding the new year.

A lot of people talk about starting over in the new year.  New habits, new behaviors, maybe even a new life.  The truth is that things aren't always that easy.  A new day on the calendar doesn't mean everything simply disappears, as this tweet reminded me:
@carguerra25 "Don't people realize that their reputations follow them into 2013 so it's really not a fresh start."
This tweet is right.  The change of the day/year doesn't hold the power to wipe away the past.  However, the good news is that Jesus does, which is why I loved these tweets so much,    
@LisaRWhittle: It's not the New Year that holds power. Every day of every year, He [Jesus] is able to make all things new.

@ArtVanZanten: Happy New Year! What a bummer 2 only celebrate newness 1x every 365 days- in Christ His "mercies r new every morning."
His mercies are new every morning.  He is able to make all things new.  These are truths that you can build your life on in 2013.

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