Pay Attention for Divine Interruptions

What do you do when you're trying to get some important work done and someone comes into your office to talk?  Do you ignore them?  Blow them off and tell them to come back later?  Fake like you're listening but never really engage in the conversation?  It can be hard to stop and refocus you're attention on the person who is 'interrupting.'  But, there might be something more going on.  

In a recent Willow Creek Association blog post, the writer recounts a conversation he had with a mentor.  He had asked his mentor how to deal with interruptions and the stress of needing to get everything done each day.  This is the mentor's response:
Al chuckled and said, “Jim, God dealt with me on that long ago. I love progress and I love getting stuff done. However, what God showed me was that people and relationships are more important.  So, what I began to do is, whenever an employee comes in my office—which happens frequently—I do my best to lay aside whatever I’m working on and focus on them, even if I’m in the middle of something important. I figured that God is bringing this person into my life at this moment for a reason—either for them to speak into my life or for me to speak into theirs. So when I am in one of these conversations, I make it a point to let my employee end the conversation. In other words, I give them the time they need.”
I love Al's perspective.  He understands the idea of divine appointments.  You never know the potential spiritual impact of the conversations you're having with people, so it is a good idea to pay attention to the Holy Spirit and listen to where he may be leading you as you engage with others.