Three Little Words that Can Change a Relationship

There are three powerful words when it comes to having healthy, successful relationships in our lives.

I am sorry.

When spoken humbly, authentically and timely these three words can do so much.

Over the years the Lord has given me (or I've created) many opportunities to learn how to say I'm sorry.

Here's a few things I've learned about saying "I am sorry."

1.  You don't say "I am sorry" expecting to hear it said back to you.  It is always no strings attached.
2.  Saying "I am sorry" doesn't mean the hurt you've caused just disappears.
3.  After you say "I am sorry" you need to add legs to the apology by working towards behavior change.
4.  The words "I am sorry" are best said after you've been able to realize the weight of your error and be truly convicted by it.  Apologizing comes with repentance.
5.  Authentically saying "I am sorry" reflects to the other party your concern for them and your desire for their welfare.

Most people were trained as children to say I'm sorry, but it is only as we move into maturity that we come to a realization of the true power in these words when shared in honesty and humility.