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3 Things I Learned By Prayer and Fasting

From Jan 2 - Jan 22 my church went on a journey of prayer and fasting, encouraging our faith family to participate in however God led them. The goal was to set aside 21 days at the beginning of the year to refine our focus on Jesus and build a foundation for the new year laid down firmly on prayer.

I decided to participate in the fast by eating only fruits, nuts, vegetables and fish during the weekdays.  The first thing I discovered was that January is a really tough time to eat right and light.  There are so many parties going on and my fridge seemed like it was perpetually full of leftovers and great appetizer snacks!  After a few days of craving potato chips every time I walked through the kitchen my hunger cravings subsided and I actually started to really enjoy a more natural food intake.

The Lord spoke a few things into my life during my fasting and praying.

1.  He showed me how I was failing to love my wife and cherish her at all times, in all things.  I thought I was doing OK, but the Lord brought it to my attention in a very clear way that I have some growing and maturing to do.
2.  I learned even more about the addiction I have to food.  I realized how much junk I eat unnecessarily, often times when I should be sleeping or exercising or doing something else more productive.
3.  I felt like Jesus spoke some words to me regarding some changes coming in my life.  He didn't give the specifics but it got my attention and I am continuing to pray into those words.

Now that the fast is over it has been all too easy to slip into old eating habits.  Here's the remarkable thing I've noticed.  While I was eating natural, healthy foods my body felt so much better!  More energy, more patience, more drive, less gas.  Now that I'm eating sugars, carbs and meats again I am much more irritable and lethargic.  The whole experience has sort of confirmed for me my suspicion that our bodies were designed to run on vegetarian diets; I just have such a hard time with the idea of never eating a chicken wing again!

Your turn ------>
What has the Lord been doing in your life so far in 2013?  I'd love to hear about anything he is teaching you or anywhere he is leading you.
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