Good Positioning Leads to Success

Good positioning in hockey means getting your body into a place on the ice where good things can happen.  If you listen to games you might hear someone say that a player is rewarded with a goal because they had good positioning.  That means that they put themselves in a spot where they would have the best chance to make a play.

Poor positioning means that you are in the wrong spot and unable to do what you could have otherwise done.  My wife, a high school basketball coach, was telling me about a recent game in which her girls only 'boxed out' more than one opponent a total of 4/75 possible times.  This failure indicates poor positioning on the part of my wife's players and it resulted in them missing many rebounds opportunities, as well as the subsequent success that may have come from more points on put backs.

Lately I've been working on my professional positioning.  I have made networking connections and had coffee with people who I am looking to for advice and mentor-ship   I have sent out some emails to people who I believe have the potential to open doors for me in areas where I feel God has called and gifted me to be.  I have continued to develop my knowledge and presence in fields of study and practice for which I have passion and potential.  And all of this, I pray to the Lord, is an act of good positioning so that when the puck comes my way I will be able to shoot it into the net.

I feel a bit like Abraham in Genesis 12:1 when the Lord tells him to pack it all up and move to the land God will show him.  God didn't tell him where to go, he simply told him to bolster up all his faith and trust and get into good position by going forward.  Only then, when he was in the right position of faith, would God show him where to go.  That is what I am doing right now.  I'm focused on my positioning, both in my spiritual side and in my professional side.  I know the timing is all in God's hands.  He has the puck, but like a master assist man, he could send it my way at any point, and I want to be ready to bury it top shelf when it comes to me!