I Like Art - Marc Chagall

"Blue House"
Yesterday I spent some time sitting on a very comfortable chair looking through a book filled with Marc Chagall paintings.  As I flipped through the pages I was remembering how my grandmother used to take me to the Minneapolis Art Institute.  The works in the Chagall book looked so familiar.  I must have enjoyed his painting when I was a kid.

My Grandma Lois was a fantastic woman.  She had her idiosyncrasies, and sadly she lost many of her mental capacities when dymentia took her body over before she died, but while I was a young lad she was always very loving, kind and generous.  I have many great memories tied to her;  things like eating lunch in the screen porch, playing 5 Straight, spinning in the yellow chair, watching fireworks from her living room, going to the art museum, breakfast at Mervyn's, and playing bumper pool in her basement are a few of them.

I think Grandma Lois is the reason I have a special place in my heart for art.  Most people don't know this about me.  I don't have much art hanging in my house and I certainly am not able to produce much of anything artistic with my own hands.  I do, however, enjoy being in the presence of great art.  When Stephanie and I were dating I took her to a few museums, and for one of our wedding anniversaries we went to the Walker Art Center and toured the sculpture garden.

Thank you Grandma Lois for all your kindness while you were here on earth.  Thank you for being Christ like and humble and loving.  And thanks for building inside me an appreciation for things that are beautiful.