Sunday is by far my favorite day of the week, even during the NFL off season. 

Actually the NFL has very little to do with why I love Sundays.  The primary reason I love Sunday is because Sunday is the day I get to be with my faith family at CANVAS Church.  

There are all kinds of reasons I love going to my church, including:

- I love talking with friends.  
- I love helping set-up and tear-down.  
- I love holding other people's babies.  
- I love praising God to terrific music.
- I love taking communion with my wife.  
- I love listening to the Bible preached without shame.  
- I love hearing stories of life change due to the love of Jesus breaking into people's lives.
- I love watching my kids connect with God and others.
- I love meeting new people.
- I love coffee, donut holes and Lifesaver mints.
- I love building relationships with men while eating humongous burgers.
- I love hearing people's stories of how they found CANVAS.
- I love being a part of God's chosen path for proclaiming his glory to the world.

It has taken Stephanie and I over 5 years to find the faith family that best fits us, and the place where we believe Jesus is asking us to plug in and serve.  We are grateful for the friendships we're building and we desire to see God continue to move and bless CANVAS.  We are trusting in him to 'build his church' and we're open to whatever role he would have us to play in that project.

I just wish it could be Sunday everyday.

Your turn ----> I would love to hear either 1) What is your favorite day of the week and why; or 2) What do you love most about your faith family?