Soul Maintenance

If you've been reading my blog for a while you know that I am absolutely not a handy-man.  When things break around my house and I try to fix them usually they end up more broken.  My father I am not.

On Monday while I was snow-blowing the driveway the snow-blower stopped blowing the snow; it became more like a snow-pusher.  Then it snowed overnight and I needed to clear the driveway on Tuesday morning.  So I put on my hand-man hat and thought I'd try fixing it.  Thankfully it was a pretty easy to fix because all I needed to do was add a few bolts.  

As I was snow-blowing the driveway I started thinking about the idea of preemptive maintenance.  Doing regular maintenance on things like snow-blowers, water softeners and vehicles is a good idea that I sometimes ignore.  I put off mechanical maintenance because things seem to be working fine and I don't want to invest the money in them.  Later, when they break, I realize it would have been much cheaper to put money into maintenance instead of the repairs.

There are serious spiritual implications in this thought.  Too often I ignore the condition of my spirit and I put off soul maintenance because things seem to be going okay.  Everything is working.  Jesus and I getting along alright.  Then something in my life breaks and I realize that my soul and spirit aren't in the condition they need to be.  Anger shoots out its arrows.  Doubt, fear and anxiety wrap horrible tentacles around me.  Greed and the desire for the things of this world possess me.  Pride motivates me to selfishness.  And I wish, oh I wish, I had done the soul maintenance ahead of time.  It would have been a lot cheaper.

What does soul maintenance look like?  Here's a few things you can do to run the diagnostics on your spirit.

- Regular Bible reading
- Praying, alone and with others
- Confessing small sins before they become major ones
- Commitment to weekly worship and small group gathering
- Journaling your thoughts, feelings, dreams
- Listening to Biblical preaching
- Reading Bible saturated books, not self help junk
- Unplugging and taking quiet time to be with Jesus
- Saying I'm sorry often
- Asking for forgiveness often
- Inviting others into your life to give honest feedback

Your turn ----> What things are beneficial to you for doing soul maintenance?