The Micro-Moments Define Us

Photo taken from Resurrection Fern blog
Micro-moments are those small moments in life that don't seem significant in themselves but when they are added up over time have a significant impact.

Sometimes I struggle with being more concerned about macro-moments more than micro-moments.  The problem with this kind of thinking is that it leaves me feeling discouraged because I never live up to the ideals I desire for myself or the highlights I see in the lives of others.

One example of this would be parenting.  If I compare myself to other people who take big family vacations I get discouraged and feel as though I'm failing as a dad.  The truth is that my legacy as a father will not be built on macro-moments like a DisneyWorld trip, but instead on how I handle the micro-moments like being available play catch, helping with homework, cuddling up during a movie, or playing board games on the floor.  It is all those seemingly small activities that add up to make me the Dad that I will be.

The same thing goes at work.  At my job there is a constant pressure to look good for the district and regional managers who come through to look at the store.  Visits are macro-moments.  Of course I want to have my part of the store looking great for these occurrences, but one good or bad visit does not define me as a manager.  What defines me how I handle all the micro-moments through-out the day.  Do I treat people fairly, do I encourage and uplift people with my words, do I handle my affairs with integrity and honesty?  These micro-moments add up to making me the kind of leader I am.

The spiritual life is no different than parenting or career building.  Things like conferences, retreats and charismatic, Holy Spirit moments are terrific.  They excite me and spur on my faith walk.  However, the real growth that happens in my faith journey comes with how I handle the micro-moments.

Here are some examples of spiritual micro-moments that shape my soul:

- Daily Scripture reading
- Being faithful to God's calling even when I don't like it
- Serving and loving my family when I am tired
- Being generous to others when I have wants for myself
- Biting my tongue instead of speaking unedifying words
- Placing myself under accountability and spiritual authority
- Saying I'm sorry
- Sharing my feelings and the details of my day with my wife
- Showing undeserved grace and mercy to children, co-workers and people in the community
- Not honking at the dude who cut me off
- Taking a breath to cool off when the cashier is slow as molasses
- Meeting someone's need without expectation for return
- Finding a quiet spot to pray
- Closing the window on the computer instead of staring at the image
- Dealing with all financial decisions with integrity
- Going back in to pay for the item the cashier didn't ring up
- Being obedient to a boss even when I disagree

Your turn ------> What are the micro-moments that have shaped you in your parenting, career or spiritual walk?