How to Make an ISTJ Calm and Happy

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When it is time to write a sermon I have found it is most effective for me to get out of the house and go to a coffee shop.  My mind is clearer and my focus is sharper there.  I am usually more productive.

The increase in output may be because, as pastor and author Mark Batterson often says, "change of place + change of pace = change in perspective."  However, I think something else is influencing me.  When I am out of my house I am not distracted by messes, dishes, house chores, or clutter; my mind is completely free to focus on the task I want to accomplish.

 In addition to Batterson's creativity axiom, here are a couple little formulas that I've found hold true for me:

Cleanliness = Creativity and Calmness.
Organized home = Organized mind.

Simply put, I function best when my environment feels under control.  This feeling of control comes in many different forms.  I feel like things are under control when my surroundings are clean and organized.  I feel like things are under control when I have a good grasp of the subject matter or the objectives and strategy of the task at hand.  Serving or working under a strong leader with a clear vision creates a feeling of control.  None of these scenarios erase times of stress and ambiguity, but they all help me to navigate those times with more confidence and calmness.

On the Myers-Briggs personality assessment tests I am scored as a ISTJ.  In a nutshell that means I am orderly, detail oriented, structured, routined and energized by having times of aloneness.  It doesn't mean I can't be spontaneous, social, or big picture.  It also doesn't mean that I never have any fun - contrary to the opinion of some (you know who you are)!   :)

For an ISTJ, it is important to create a sense of control through organization, cleanliness, and orderliness.  All these things matter to an ISTJ and they influence the ISTJ's attitude, behavior and state of mind in a dynamic way that shouldn't be overlooked.