I'm Bohemian, and I Love it.

We had a potluck at work today.  I love potlucks!  So much food, so many options, so many great tastes.  So fantastic!

The abundance of food meant that I could pack a little 'to go' plate.  Some of my work peers were chiding me a little bit, as I was putting a few treats on a plate for my family.  I had to explain to them that scrounging, mooching and grabbing up free stuff is in my DNA.  You see, I have Bohemian blood running through my veins.

What is a Bohemian you may ask?  Isn't it a song by Queen or something like that?  Not exactly, although you may enjoy watching that song sung like this.  According to Wikipedia, "The term "Bohemianism", when used to mean "social unconventionality", comes from the French bohémien "Gypsy" "because Romani people were thought to come from Bohemia, or because they perhaps entered the West through Bohemia."

I love my gypsy-ness.  I love my Bohemian history and the way that it has shaped me.  The Bohemian people are difficult to understand, and even harder to be married to (ask Stephanie), but we are fantastic at many things like finding great deals, making do with very little, and spontaneously moving around the country to work at carnivals.