This picture is patterned after a piece of art from the 12th century entitled The Virgin of Tenderness.
Right around the beginning of the year many bloggers talk about choosing ONE WORD for the upcoming year.  The idea is that you select a word which encompasses your hopes, dreams, goals, or desires, and then use that ONE WORD as a way to bring focus for personal growth over the next twelve months.  Read this for a good explanation.  One example of guy who does this is Mark Batterson, who choose SELEH for his 2013 word.

In January I thought about joining in on the ONE WORD movement but I kind of missed the boat.  Ok, it totally set sail without me.  However, I'm ready to board now.  

My 2013 ONE WORD is....tender.

I would hope that the people who know me would describe me with many words like: playful, energetic, competitive, athletic, out-going, spontaneous, intense, and loving.  However, being the human being I am, I am sure I could also be described as being rash, brash, loud, impatient, short-tempered, competitive, intense and covetous.  

I am many thing, but one thing I am not - yet - is tender.

So, what is tenderness?  I would describe TENDERNESS as displaying an overall attitude of kindness, concern, gentleness, and peace-making in all situations for the betterment of the other, even at the expense of one's self.  

I really want to grow in this and so I plan on blogging about it from time to time as a way of holding myself accountable.  

Your turn ------>  Do you have ONE WORD for 2013?  If so, what is it?