My Son Andrew! What a Guy!

I asked my boys what I should blog about today.  My son Andrew, who is 6 years old, looked at me with sort of crazy eyes and a big, open mouth smile, pointed at his chest and said, "How bout me?!"  OK, I thought.  There is plenty of material.

Andrew.  What words can I use to describe Andrew?  Wild, crazy, sweet, friendly, daring, bright, social, curious, and touchy-feely are a few.

Andrew brings energy and excitement with him in high doses where ever he goes.  He loves to laugh and play.  He loves to be tickled.  He loves to wrestle and hug and roll around smiling and giggling.

Andrew loves to have the spotlight on him.  In his kindergarten class he is a leader, an instigator, a helper, and a heartthrob.  He has many friends, makes many friends, and is the kind of kid that other kids love to be around.

Andrew can also slow down, cuddle on a chair, and read a book or watch a movie.  He wraps himself all around me like a boa constrictor working its way around its prey, with the difference being that after he does so he will softly pat and rub the skin on my arm.

Andrew does almost anything Dad does.  When facing something new he will ask, "Does Dad like this?  Does Daddy do this?"  If the answer is yes, then Andrew will try it too.  He likes to dress up, wear fancy clothes, and match his outfit with Dad's outfit.  Andrew has fashion sense and pays attention to the fashion of those around him.

Andrew has one speed: faster.  He goes, goes, goes and then crashes.  He drives his siblings crazy. and yet they love being with him and play with him.  He's one amazing kid and I can't imagine life without him.