Take A Moment to Say Thank You

I walked through a situation with an associate at work a few days ago that reminded me of an extremely simply, unbelievably important, and yet all to commonly overlooked management principle.

Take the time to say THANK YOU to the people who work for you.

The associate I was talking to was very upset.  The more we talked through his feelings the more clear it became that he was feeling overworked and unappreciated.  He was giving his all and he felt like no one recognized that.  Instead of saying thanks people were pushing him to do more and more, and they weren't taking any time to talk to him or understand the circumstances of his job.

Saying THANK YOU isn't just important for managers in business.  It is important for friendships, marriages, parenting and volunteer coordinators.  It is way to easy to lay all our demands on the people closest to us and to take advantage of our relationships.  If we're not careful we can very quickly use up all the relational deposits we've made with others.  Saying THANK YOU is an important way to put those deposits back into our relational bank accounts.