The Emotional Pendulum

Isn't it amazing how many different ways life can go?  It can go good, it can go bad.  It can go happy, it can go sad.  Sometimes the road is paved and well marked, other times it is gravel and overgrown and feels impossible to navigate.  Throw in the seemingly uncontrollable twists and turns of our emotions and it is a wonder anyone even gets out of bed in the morning.

In the last ten days the circumstances of life, combined with my emotional responses to those circumstances, have had me bouncing back and forth between happiness and despair.  At times I am the jolliest guy in the world, content with all I have.  Then I read or hear something about the life of someone else and all that sweet feeling I had before goes away.  I'm like an emotional gas can with a crack in the bottom;  I get all filled up and then it all slowly leaks away.  Then it gets filled up again.  It is all smiles.

No particulair reason that I'm sharing this.  Maybe if you feel the same way then you'll know you're not alone.  Maybe I just need some blog therapy.  Who knows?  Shoulder shrug?

And if you're nervous and wondering if you need to come and sit with me so I'm not alone, I'm actually feeling great right now. :)  But thanks for the concern.