Why You Should Read Your Bible

Way too many Christians spend way too little time reading their Bibles.

It comes off arrogant and judgmental for me to say that (the charge of hypocrisy is probably valid also), but none of that changes the reality of my experience which shows me a majority of self-professing Christians are ignorant to what the Bible teaches.

This is remarkable considering most would likely confess a belief that the Bible is God's Word.  So, there on their coffee table they have the very Words of God, the words that teach them who God is and how he desires them to live, and they pass their hand right over this Word on the way to grabbing the TV remote.

Even more remarkable is the frustration people feel as they go through life, wondering what to do and say and how to act.  Christians like this are like foolish people stumbling around the darkness when the light switch is right on the wall next to them.

Today I was listening to a preacher talk about how the Holy Spirit works in our lives to bring Scripture to mind at just the moment we need it.  However, this doesn't happen when we don't have the Word of God planted deep within our hearts.  The preacher made the connection to withdrawing money from an ATM machine.  If you don't have money in your bank account, then you're not getting money from the machine!  Same with our lives, if we don't have Scripture in us then the Holy Spirit isn't going to bring it to mind when we face trial, temptation, trouble or turmoil.

If you don't know what God has to say about fear, death, money, relationships, morality, sexuality, families, work, or suffering then you're left to figure those things out on your own.  And since the unregenerate heart is wicked (Gen 6) you are bound to come up with the wrong answers.  Only by studying, memorizing, meditating, teaching, and reading the Bible will you be able to bear the fruit of having it planted in your heart.