3 Questions to Assess Your Maturity Level

Tonight at the retail store where I am a manager we had all the lights turn off for a minute or two as the store switched form generator power to utility power.  We made an announcement on the overhead paging system twice before the lights went out.  Not surprisingly, despite our forewarning, there where a few people confused and startled by the sudden change in illumination.  What made matters even worse, was that there was a man in the building screaming (in jest) because it was dark.

When we confronted the man he because very upset and defensive towards us, blaming us for turning out the lights while the building was open.  We told him we are a 24 hour store and that we had no choice, but he still complained and actually started to get aggressive towards us.  All because we asked him to act like an adult and stop screaming like a child while the lights were off.  The whole thing was rather remarkable.

Makes me think about my own behavior.

1.  Do I act like a child when I should be acting like an adult?
2.  Do I get defensive when people confront me, even when it is obvious that I am in the wrong?
3.  Am I self-conscious enough to think about how my behavior is affecting the well-being of the people around me?

All of these are helpful questions to consider as I look at the appropriateness of my actions and as I try to gauge how I am growing in maturity.