Quit Blaming Someone Else and Own Up to Your Life

There's usually enough blame to go around.

That is a line from a Berenstain Bears book I was reading with the kids yesterday.  The story was about Brother and Sister Bear learning that instead of blaming and fighting with each other, they should own up to their part of the problem and work together to find a solution.

Think if adults read that book and put it's simply idea into practice everyday.  There would be less divorce, less road rage, less workplace problems, less complaining, and a lot less unhappy people in this world.

It is an exhausted cliche, but if I had a nickel for every time a grown adult at my place of business blamed another grown adult for something, I wouldn't have to work another day in my life.  It honestly blows me away until.  Then I look at my kids school, at my kids sporting events, at our city council, even the churches I've attended, the blame and complain game is epidemic.  Nowadays (myself included at times I'm quite sure) wants to own up to any error or short-coming.  It is always someone else's fault and we're glad to point the finger at who.

This problem is as old as Genesis when the first man God created wimpled out and blamed the woman for breaking God's command, and then the woman turned around and blamed the serpent for tricking her.  Have you ever wondered how God would have reacted if instead of blaming someone else, Adam and Eve would have just humbled themselves and said, "Yup, I did it.  Totally stupid move.  Please forgive me, and help me not do that again!"  I know as a manager of people I would be ecstatic about that kind of attitude and I'd do everything I could to help the person not make the same mistake again.

Let's do an experiment -----> for the rest of the week make it your goal to blame no one else - even if truly is someone else's fault!  Own up to all aspects of your life this week before God and others and, if your willing, share the results.  I'm guessing you'd see a major difference in how you experience God and in the relationships you have with others around you.