Reflections on the Last Few Weeks, Boston Strong

Wow, the last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of crazy and fun.

Three weeks ago I was concerned about our townhouse and some of the repairs that were needed there.  so I took Jacob and drove up to Monticello for a day.  Then I went with Stephanie to Boston, MA for a long weekend with some amazing friends there.  Four days after that Stephanie and I took the kids to meet her brother and his family in Brainerd at a water park hotel for a weekend of swimming and hanging out with the cousins.  One day after getting home there was the terrible explosions at the end of the Boston Marathon.

Oh yeah, throw in a couple exciting meetings related to some doors I think God may be opening up for me, reading three books, Stephanie going to the Chris Tomlin concert with one of her best girl friends, and the kids starting practice for the Alice in Wonderland play they are doing this week!

Some reflections...

- loving friends are family are critical in making life delightful
- amazing that you can walk down a street not thinking one bad thought and a week later 3 people die and over 140 are injured right in that spot
- blessed that my kids have their cousins close by, and close in age, and that they're such good friends
- God is amazing and his ways and his timing are perfect
- we are a busy family
- making memories as a family is way more important that accumulating material goods
- I love reading
- mentors matters - you need them as a Christian, parent, and spouse
- I have an amazing woman by my side
- our nation is strong, and we will overcome the Boston attack
- it is encouraging to see our nation through aside all our petty differences and unite around a company enemy
- thankful for all the protection we do have and all the daily security we feel