Winter Comes Before the Summer

On Sunday I received some wonderful encouragement from a member of my faith family.  A woman talking to Stephanie and I told us how much she cares for us, how her and her husband are always thinking and praying for us and how she can't wait to see all that God has in store for our family.  Then she shared how, in her life, she has seen so many breakthroughs and great things come forth for people after they have gone through a tough time.  The blessing comes after the trial.

In an astonishing, only God kind of moment, on the way home from church that same day Stephanie was talking to the kids about the cold weather and she said, "Think how much more we're going to enjoy the summer after such a long winter."  I immediately thought of the encouragement from church and connected the too statements as synonymous.

Trial = winter.
Blessing = summer.

You don't get summer without walking through a winter.