10 Characteristics of a Christian Athlete

10 Characteristics of a Christian Athlete

1.  Recognizes and gives glory to God, not self, for all success and struggles
2.  Displays honor and respect and submission to all authority figures involved, including coaches and referees
3.  Does their best to follow all the rules and play within the integrity of the sport
4.  Serves teammates and coaches by playing their assigned role humbly, helping teammates, and working to contribute to the success of teammates
5.  Understands that doing their best and displaying Godly character is far more important that winning or losing
6.  Displays gratefulness and thankfulness to teammates for their role in successes, and takes personal responsibility for errors
7.  Has an attitude of joy and encouragement no matter the situation showing gratefulness to God for the gift of sports and their participation in sports
8.  Understands contentment in the equipment they have and is not greedy for all the newest and greatest things
9.  Takes positive feedback with gracious humility, and looks to learn and grow from criticism
10.  Says no to sports, when the demands of sports conflict with Jesus and the regular gathering of his people

As my kids grow older and their participation in sports becomes more involved and time consuming, I need guidelines and boundaries so that my role as an agent of God raising his children is done with wisdom and faithfulness.  I have created these characteristics based on my own thoughts, study and conversations with others.*

*Additional Information
I am also indebted to Pastor C.J. Mahaney and a terrific sermon he preached entitled, "Don't Waste Your Sports."  If you are a parent with children who play, or may at some point play sports, then you really should listen to this sermon.

You can download the sermon for free, and get some additional information on this Soverign Grace Ministries website devoted to the topic of Faith and Sports.
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