3 Marks of Obedient Children

After reading the book Shepherding a Child's Heart, I have been working really hard to stay calm in a trying parenting situation and help my children to see how their behavior is connected back to a heart issue.  My desire as a parent is to act as God's agent in guiding my children into a loving relationship with Him.  I don't want to raise little legalists who follow all the rules but don't understand why or how the behavior is tied to a heart that is in error.

One of the things I have been putting into practice from the book is working with my kids on the ideas that follow...

1.  I am put in charge of them by God for his purposes
2.  God tells me that I must teach them to obey
3.  If I don't, then I disobey God
4.  A life of obedience brings with it blessing and good things
5.  Their job is to honor and respect authority (their parents)
6.  Obedience looks like this: 1) act immediately, 2) without compliant, and 3) without back talk

There is so much more in the book that is instructive for people who want to raise their kids Biblically, soundly and effectively.  Shepherding your child's heart will be one of the most difficult things you undertake because to do so effectively you must have first examined your own heart.  However, if you will partner with God and raise your children the way His Word teaches, in the long run you will reap a harvest of blessing for your obedience to Jesus.