Friday: 20 Quick Thoughts

  1. I love the Tragically Hip.
  2. Wish I could watch the NHL playoffs.  Wish I had cable.
  3. I need to start running again.
  4. Andrew needs to let me pull that tooth.
  5. Enjoying some new friendships with the Northfield Citizens Online where I'm a board member.
  6. Had a good week at work.
  7. Wish we could spend more time with the Toweys.
  8. Sad one of my pastors is leaving.  Glad to still have the other (and his family) around.
  9. NBA playoffs is lame.  Except I like the Heat.  Lebron.
  10. Thinking about how awesome a Tragically Hip show in Moose Jaw would be.
  11. It is hard raising a daughter.
  12. Marriage takes work, commitment, forgiveness and humility.
  13. I'm blessed to have people at work I can share prayer requests with.
  14. Crazy how rumors fly around work.  Like a high school sometimes.
  15. Love watching the passion of Alexander Ovechkin.
  16. I miss playing hockey.
  17. The Red Sox are playing some amazing baseball.
  18. Minnesota weather is crazy.
  19. I wish I didn't have to work weekends.
  20. I'm excited to preach at the Quarry and and Main Street Moravian this month.
Bonus thought - How do you have an opinion about things without being called judgmental?