Isabelle is Aiming Higher

Received this email last week from my daughter's school:
I wanted to let you know that your child has been working very hard in school, and it has been noticed! Each month, staff members are submitting names of students who are "Aiming Higher" and from those names, we are drawing 2 students to have lunch with the principal.

During April, the following students were the lucky ones who were drawn to join me for lunch: Izzy Balvin for working to be a peace maker and XXXXX XXXXXX for always being patient and easy going, a good person to be around.  CONGRATULATIONS!

We will have lunch on Wednesday, May 29 in my office, and the kids will be able to choose between Subway and Culver's.

Again, congratulations to you, as parents, for working hard to raise wonderful children!
So happy for Isabelle!  She is a wonderful little girl, and she has worked very hard this spring to overcome some difficult circumstances surrounding a classmate.  Way to go Izzy!