Let Me Wiggle That Tooth

My son Andrew has had a loose tooth for a couple weeks.  It is now a very lose tooth.  It is driving me crazy because he won't let me anywhere near his mouth to wiggle it or to try and pull it out.  The tooth is so loose that it is almost sticking straight out of his mouth.  I have even considered sneaking into his bedroom at night and yanking the thing out while he is sleeping.

It has been hard not to get upset with Andrew and his reluctance to let me pull the tooth.  I know it is not a big deal, and I keep reminding myself to chill out and let nature take its course, but something inside me still gets worked up when I sit next to him and watch him cover his mouth and shake his head no.  I want him to just relax, trust me that it isn't a big deal, and open his mouth so I can wiggle the dang thing.

Anybody have any good strategies for loosening up kids as it relates to their loose teeth?