One Way I Connect with Jesus

I love to sit in the quiet of the morning, drink fresh warm coffee and do my Bible study and devotions.

Right now I have the window open and I'm listening to the chirping of the birds around the house and the honking of the geese off in the fields.  I hear the occasional car drive by, evidence of another person beginning their day.  Off in a tree somewhere close by a bird is repeating its call: "whoo-whooo."  The sun rises slowly and the sky fades from dark black to pastel pink and into a sunny blue.

In the mornings I feel at peace with the myself, the world and with God.

Just as not everyone likes waking up to enjoy coffee and the sunrise, so not everyone connects with God the same way.  That is ok.  There is no one right way for Bible reading and devotions.  The time of day varies for people.  The method varies with people.  The important thing is to take time each day to commune with your Creator.

I'm curious - how/when do you best connect with Jesus?