The Benefits of Speaking Peace and Blessing

One of the concepts that I am learning to practice is the concept of speaking peace and blessing into my workplace and into my relationships.  The Bible says that the power of life and death is in the tongue, and so I want to make sure that what is coming out of my mouth is life giving in all situations.

It is so easy to be critical and to cut others down.  I am a very sarcastic person by nature and I have to work hard to speak kind and positive words when I am frustrated.  It takes a conscious effort to speak peace and blessing on people instead of finding their flaws or letting my negative emotions flow out of my mouth.

In practicing this concept I have seen my whole countenance change.  When I am searching for, and speaking out, good things, my body language changes and my demeanor improves.  My outlook on the situation shifts and I find more hope, more encouragement and more goodness in everyone and everything.  As the peace and blessing of Jesus flow out of my mouth, it is literally like a cleansing of my spirit that happens as well.

Then what happens is that other people begin to become transformed as well.  Relationships improve, work performance improves, team morale improves.  When you speak well to people they respect you more, they listen to you and they build trust with you.  I am not surprised that my peers who are the most negative are the ones who's team performance lags the lowest.  They are not giving life to the employees with their tongues.  Instead they are slowly sucking the life out of people.

Test this concept.  Make it a goal to speak peace and blessing to people all weekend and watch to see what happens in your own spirit and in the spirit of the people around you.