What I Learned Taking Jacob to the Red Sox Game

A couple weeks ago I took Jacob to a ball game at Target Field between the MN Twins and the Boston Red Sox.  Being Red Sox fans Jacob and I had a blast watching them beat the Twins 12-5.  We even got to see one of our favorite players, David Ortiz, hit two home runs.  Now that I've reflected a little I've realized that I crossed a new boundary of maturity.  Here's why.  Despite the fact that it was a beautiful night, and the food was good, and the seats were great, and Jesus' favorite team was victorious, despite all that, my favorite part of the night was being with my son.  We enjoyed one another so much as we talked, walked, ate, watched, cheered, discussed, hugged, laughed, and spent time with one another.  Plus I had multiple opportunities to instruct him in the faith (i.e. walking by the stripper place on the way back to the car and telling him about Jesus desire for our sexuality and purity).    The time together and the memories we'll both carry with us are worth way more than the $85 the night cost me.

Unintentionally I also was reminded how important it is to be kind to everyone.  You never know what your kindness will return upon you.  A few weeks before the baseball game I stayed late at work helping a man mix some paint.  All I wanted to do was leave work when the man approached me and asked for my help.  Instead of being crabby I talked to him and got to know what he was doing and who he was.  It turned out that the man was a friend of a friend of mine in Northfield.  Little did I know how that conversation would come to bear on Jacob and I's trip to the ball game.  You see, I didn't have tickets to the game and so I was relegated to getting some from scalpers outside the stadium.  As Jacob and I walked around we couldn't find any cheap tickets and I was getting worried.  Then, up on the corner, I saw the guy I had helped with paint.  I went up and reintroduced myself, told him what I was looking for, and he helped me get the tickets I needed.  It was pretty cool.