You Must be Honest

A few weeks ago I preached a sermon where I shared 5 lesson about life that can be taken from the adventure of climbing Mt Everest.  I blogged those five things here.  Someone asked me after the service if I would ever want to actually climb the mountain and I responded that, while I think it would be amazing, the time, talent and money it would take would make it a pretty difficult endeavor.

You know what I think is even more difficult than climbing Mt Everest?  I think one of the hardest things anyone ever does is in life is to be completely honest.  I'm talking about bare bones, all-in, its-ok-if-you-hate me honest.  There are many reasons why we never reach this level of honesty and transparency, some good and some bad.

The Good
- don't want to crush other people's spirits and feelings
- controlling the tongue before it does irreparable damage
- recognition that we may be wrong in our understanding
- our honesty is not relevant or not helpful
- subduing our pride

The Bad
- to protect our image
- to deceive or put on a mask
- we're afraid of what people may think
- we don't truly know ourselves
- we're saving bullets for later

I believe that Jesus calls us to levels of honesty and transparency that go far beyond what society around us deems as acceptable or even right.  The Bible says that we should confess our sins to one another and pray for one another that we may be healed.  It also says that we should extend the love and grace of Christ to all people, thus creating a safe place to be real, raw and honest.

It wouldn't be wise to spew all our bare thoughts and feelings to all people, all the time, but we have to create a space in our lives for honesty and truth telling.  Doing so cleanses the soul and frees a person from the bondage of concealed thoughts and feelings.  Do not sin, do not be unwise, but BE HONEST.  Truly honest.  It is the only pathway to growth.