Change happens. How do you deal with it?

I worked for a company once where the company culture said that the only constant was change.  The older I get the more true that mantra seems to be in describing all of life.  Forms of change come at us all day, every day, month after month, year after year.  There are various intensities of change and each change is unique in the goodbyes it necessitates and the hellos it brings, but change is constantly happening all around us.

Yesterday our church said goodbye to one of its pastors.  We have only been at the church a year, but as a family we have developed great friendships and admiration for this man and his family.  We are sad to see him go, but also excited for this new chapter in their lives and in the lives of our church.

As a family we are discussing what changes we need to make to meet our budget and our long term financial goals.  This involves making decisions about things to buy, activities to be in, and where to live.  The changes that these choices will demand are hard changes to make.

My career has always involved a high amount of change.  I have worked at 4 companies in the last 13 years.  Within these companies I have held different positions and worked in multiple retail stores.  I'm starting to wonder what kind of career changes are looming on the horizon for me.

Then there is personal change.  By God's grace I am not the person I once was, but I'm not yet the person I want to be.  There are still many changes I want to make in my character, attitude, and spiritual development.  They are growth changes, building on the foundation that Jesus has brought into my life.

Our life has changed dramatically with the end of the school year.  Now there are all kinds of adjustments that need to be made in family scheduling, cleaning, transportation, and interaction.  I have to change my mindset to adjust to having the kids around all the time on my days off.

Not every change is a life altering change, but there is an ebb and flow of death and life that comes with change.  It is tempting to focus only on what is being lost and to forget that God is meaning to bring something good from the change.  Jesus does not waste anything.  He is the author, builder, redeemer, and savior of all things.  So when you are in the midst of change that has you do focus your eyes on him and put your hope and faith in his good Word, confident that you will see greater things in your future.