Early Summer Highlights - All in One Day

Today was a great day; one of those days you wish you could bottle up and open again when you need to.  It started with golf at Stonebrooke with one of my best friends.  Later in the day was swimming lessons, then tanning at the Northfield Pool while the kids swam, having a fountain pop with Stephanie, baseball for Jacob, softball with the CANVAS men, and then ice cream with the kids before bed.  It was an amazingly lovely day.

Jacob played his first 'kid pitch' game tonight.  I can hardly believe he is at this point.  The games now have umpires, strike-outs, walks, and all the other baseball rules kids need to follow.  Jacob pitched one inning and did a great job.  He struggled a little bit but he battled through it and he never gave up.  Considering he'd never pitched before I was so happy for him and with his performance.  

My golf game is nothing to blog about but I don't play for the score.  I play because it gives me the chance to talk for a long time with a good friend.  It is a chance to debrief life a little bit and get some feedback and straightening out in my thinking.  I wish everyone had a friend like I do who listens to my junk, empathizes when necessary, and challenges me to grow as a husband, father, leader, and Christian.

Our softball team finally won a Tuesday night league game tonight!  I love playing softball with these guys.  We play in a non-church league and we do our best to be competitive and still be an example for Jesus in our community.  I think we do a great job of it.  I also think it is pretty cool that guys from church are building relationships with one another while having a fantastic time.