Look for the Little Joys Each Day Brings

Stephanie sent me a link to a wonderful blog post. I have been saving the link in my email and re-reading this post every so often. You can read the entire post here. I have included some of my favorite thoughts below.
I have an idea for you. 
Pretend as if you are experiencing everything in life for the first time. Pretend, if only for a few hours, that life is happening on purpose and drink deep. 
Look at the members of your family with surprise and amazement. Be glad that they are by your side and enjoy the dance of love that is shared between you. Notice it. Enjoy it. 
Watch your spouse while they sleep, or sneak into your child’s room and try to imagine what they are dreaming. 
Take a different road on your way home. Explore your neighborhood and look for anything that grabs your attention. Enjoy the uniqueness of each building and its landscaping. Even if the building and landscaping are unattractive, imagine the potential. 
Smile at people for no reason. Share the secret of joy through the look in your eyes and the language of your body. 
Encounter the sun and sky and how different it is each and every day. Look at the clouds. Watch which way they are moving. Try to see the wind. Pay attention to the shadows and which way they fall. Play games with your shadows. Experience and enjoy the way light works. 
Say your good mornings, good afternoons and good evenings a little different. Don’t let them dive into simple polite formula. Instead, let them be a form of blessing that shares hope and carries the joy of being alive. 
Take a few minutes and get quiet. Allow your mind to wander, and after it tires itself out, allow it to empty and enjoy the silence. 
Pay attention to the words and chords of a song on the radio. Enjoy the movement of feelings it provokes. Play, sing, whistle, drum along with the melody. Let it move you.