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Pastors are not Event Planners

A reminder from David Platt in his book Radical Together,
What would happen if churches stopped programming ministry for people and instead started propelling them into ministry?
Church leaders are intended by God to equip people for ministry, not plan events for people.  Leaders do not exist to provide services; they exist to serve people.  …..not organizing ministry for people but investing in people to mobilize them for ministry.

Renovation Church - Training Camp for the Spiritual Life

Eating a Healthy Spiritual Diet

In sports there are serious ramifications for players who don’t pay attention to their diets. Remember a few years ago when Vikings offensive lineman Bryant McKinney came into training camp reportedly weighing 400 lbs! McKinney was so overweight and out of shape that the Vikings cut him from the team despite the fact that he is a phenomenally gifted football player.

Athletes who are serious about their sports understand that coming prepared to camp involves creating strict parameters around their diet. They understand that there is a direct correlation between what goes into the body and what performance comes out of the body. Twins first baseman Justin Morneau came into 2012 spring training 20 pounds lighter than the year before after cutting gluten, dairy and sugar from his diet. When he was asked if maintaining the diet was hard Morneau said,
It was difficult, but I knew I'd feel like absolute garbage after eating [bad foods]. I knew my body wouldn't be recovering, so …

When The Light of the Church Shines Brightest

"This is when the church becomes the church."

Last week Northfield experience some incredible raining and flooding. The devastation in certain parts of town was dramatic. Sadly one family in our church experienced so much flooding that their entire home is needing to be torn down and rebuilt. The whole thing reminds me of the week I spent years ago on a YouthWorks! mission trip to Keystone, WV where I spent days shoveling mud and sludge out of peoples' flooded homes. It can be such a tragic situation.

However, the light of God's love often shines brightest through the good works of his people. Here in Northfield many people from the CANVAS faith family have risen up to help. A special offering was taken during a Sunday service, and a work day was coordinated to provide help in whatever ways was needed. There has been much prayer offered up on this family's behalf asking for God's encouragement and provision.

It is all a beautiful picture of the church …

Your Win/Loss Record Does Not Matter to God

It had been three weeks since I'd seen the boys at Tuesday night town league softball and I really wasn't sure what to expect as I approached the field.  Things have been pretty for our team this season.  We're a team that consists mainly of churchmen with decent, but not spectacular talent, playing in a league where guys spend hundreds on bats and in some cases play year round.  If your tracking with me then you'd be safe to assume our record puts us towards the bottom of the league.

Last weeks game had been especially painful and the reports I'd gotten from some players said the team spirit was at its lowest.  People were arguing with each other, complaining about umpires and a negative attitude aura was beginning to envelop the entire dugout.  The losing was taking its toll on the boys.  So I went to the game hoping to breathe some fresh air into the team.  My plan was to gather them up and remind them why a bunch of ragtag churchmen play in a town ball league a…