When The Light of the Church Shines Brightest

"This is when the church becomes the church."

Last week Northfield experience some incredible raining and flooding. The devastation in certain parts of town was dramatic. Sadly one family in our church experienced so much flooding that their entire home is needing to be torn down and rebuilt. The whole thing reminds me of the week I spent years ago on a YouthWorks! mission trip to Keystone, WV where I spent days shoveling mud and sludge out of peoples' flooded homes. It can be such a tragic situation.

However, the light of God's love often shines brightest through the good works of his people. Here in Northfield many people from the CANVAS faith family have risen up to help. A special offering was taken during a Sunday service, and a work day was coordinated to provide help in whatever ways was needed. There has been much prayer offered up on this family's behalf asking for God's encouragement and provision.

It is all a beautiful picture of the church being a living, active organism. The church doesn't just gather on Sundays for songs and donut holes. Of course we love those things, but the church is most powerful and God-glorifying when her people join together to be His hands and feet in a world desperate for His touch.